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When Different Generations Mix, It Shows Us What True Community Looks Like

Begin with Rosemount preschoolers, middle school students, and high school students. Now add older adults from The Rosemount and mix well. The result? Fantastic birthday parties, songs, musical interludes, and visits. All in all, intergenerational programs at The Rosemount strengthen our community and make it a richer, more enjoyable place to live.

The Rosemount Senior Living at Steeple Center has been implementing innovative intergenerational programs over the last few weeks. The community was recently featured in the Rosemount Town Pages newspaper story at the link below.

Connecting generations is part of the vision conceived by  Mark Appelbaum, developer of The Rosemount. “To me, The Rosemount is about community within and outside of its walls, including connections to the arts, schools, parks, local library and more.” Appelbaum says. “We have worked to create an environment that connects residents to everything the wider community has to offer.” More relationships will be built as students and older adults continue to meet.

To read the full news article at Rosemount Town Pages, click here.