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Ten Thousand People Vaccinated by Cassia since December

Cassia began administering coronavirus vaccines to residents and staff in December 2020 through our own A&E Pharmacy. In March, we completed the third round of clinics at our skilled nursing and independent/assisted living locations. To date, 10,000 people have been vaccinated by Cassia and below are photos of various residents and staff being vaccinated.

Joe Hunziker volunteers at Cassia’s partner Grace Hospice, and received his second dose of the vaccine in February. “Vaccination took place in the Cassia office complex and was thoroughly organized, efficient, and quick…Nurses and Doctors administered the injection in a compassionate and professional manner,” he writes. “I felt a deep and significant psychological release of pent up stress and embraced the positive direction of actually receiving this long awaited vaccine,” says hospice volunteer.

“The vaccination allows for progress forward to reconnecting with fellow humans,” Joe adds. “To be able to see one another face to face, while still utilizing best practices of social distancing, masks and eye protection, and hand washing…I am grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity for tiny steps forward in my life due to the Covid19 vaccinations that Cassia offered to me as a volunteer.”

A&E Pharmacy offered the vaccine to all essential caregivers who provide direct care to Cassia residents, or to anyone who is in frequent contact with residents or staff in Cassia communities. This has provided more protection by vaccinating beyond direct contact with residents.

Protection provided by the vaccine against the coronavirus brings new hope to Cassia communities that the pandemic will start subsiding. At the same time, vaccination does not change any of the precautions we take at Cassia or stop the need for personal protective equipment (PPE). Cassia is collaborating with health officials to monitor and evaluate changing circumstances. Our efforts are closely coordinated with the CDC and state-level planning. We remain focused on helping residents live fully and helping them stay connected to the people and passions that mean most to them.