The Face of Cassia

Karla Kulseth

Meet Care Coordinator Karla Kulseth, Lakeside Apartments and Assisted Living

Karla has been a Lakeside campus staff member for 10 years. She has worked as a certified nursing assistant and a trained medication assistant Lakeside Health Care Center. Karla is now the office care coordinator and certified nursing assistant at Lakeside Apartments and Assisted Living.

Residents love Karla and often praise her for going above and beyond what is expected of her. Her dedication to residents’ needs, as well as the love she shares with them, are evident throughout the day. Karla is described as “easygoing and fun.” Many people also enjoy how Karla sings to them during breakfast.

“I have worked in direct care since I was 16,” Karla says. “I have worked for Lakeside since 2006 with a break for one year. I love coming to work for many reasons; I enjoy the residents, their families and my coworkers… knowing the people who live in our apartments acknowledge when I am gone and enjoy seeing me when I am here. My job means so much to me…Lakeside is a small facility with a huge heart. The people and the workers make this place an amazing place to work.”