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GRATITUDE REPORT: Creating Supportive Communities Through Adult Day Services

Del Baas at Open Circle

When Del Baas hit his head after a fall, he was in a coma for three days. Though he survived this episode, his health was still in jeopardy.

Del was diabetic and addicted to Oxycontin and Percoset due to hip pain. In addition to drinking a lot, he was overweight. When his doctor suggested attending Cassia’s adult day center Open Circle, Del agreed to try.

Through his experience at Open Circle, Del says, “I have been able to find myself here.” He lost weight, stopped drinking and using drugs like Oxycontin, and started writing and painting. His 18 years of past experience as a chef enable Del to cook for staff and friends at Open Circle. Best of all, Del has renewed belief in himself and life. “If it wasn’t for this place,” he notes, “I wouldn’t be alive.”

Barbara Riddle attends Cassia’s Buffalo Adult Day Center because “it helps you concentrate on positive things,” she says. Barbara enjoys exercising, art projects and meeting new friends. “Staff members are not only caring. They are always there when you need them,” she adds.

In addition to activities onsite, Buffalo Adult Day Center offers outings such as restaurant visits, a special favorite. “We don’t see participants as clients, but as family,” says Director Mary Rodeski. “We hope they see us that way, too.”