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Widex Moment Hearing Device

Do You Hear What I Hear?

#AgeTech #TechTuesday

Every January the Consumer Electronics Association hosts a massive trade show (CES), at the Las Vegas Convention Center, to showcase emerging technologies from the previous year. January 2021 marked the first all-virtual CES, yet drew over 3,000 exhibitors and many thousand virtual attendees globally. And the winner is… Notably, the Innovations Award winner in the Health and Wellness “wearables” category is a hearing aid solution called WIDEX MOMENT™, the first developer to utilize artificial intelligence to naturally replicate the sound of the human voice in real time. This is exciting news for hearing aid wearers where innovation has traditionally lagged. Stayed tuned, “hearables” will continue to be better and more affordable going forward. 

Kate Ingalls-Maloney is Cassia’s Director of Technology Integration and Education.