The Face of Cassia

Environmental Services Staff – Juan Tenesaca and Teresa Di Tenesaca

Face of Caring – September 2021

September is a great month to highlight the contributions of environmental services staff. Juan Tenesaca and his wife Teresa De Tenesaca work at Cassia’s Redeemer Health Care Center. Juan has been at Redeemer for nineteen and a half years, while Teresa has worked there for nearly five years.

Both Juan and Teresa are dedicated, reliable, and valued employees who have rarely called in absent throughout their combined 24 years of service. Juan has provided not only housekeeping services but also floor-care and is very proficient in delivering a quality product.

It is quite evident in the resident rooms and common areas where Juan works on a daily basis. His areas and floors look superb. Staff members comment quite often on the high quality of work that he provides.

Environmental Services Director Phill Poppenhagen notes, “Both Juan and Teresa have been an important team! They have come in on days off, picked up extra duty due to our shortage of housekeeping personnel and are filling the in where needed on a daily basis. They have been the anchors that keep on providing quality services for Redeemer’s housekeeping department.”

Nurse Manager Fred Voss works on the unit Juan is assigned. “He is a consummate professional, a meticulous hard-working employee who is willing to help out anywhere,” says Fred.  Thank you, Juan and Teresa, for all you do to make Redeemer a wonderful place to work.