Clifton Larson Allen team delivers lunch to Chapel View staff

Accounting Firm Treats Health Care Workers to Lunch at Cassia’s Chapel View

We all know how dedicated health care workers are—especially those who are caring for our loved ones in the midst of a pandemic. Many of us want to thank our health care workers—and at Cassia’s Chapel View community in Hopkins, that thank you came in the form of a special lunch from Pub 819.

The lunch was coordinated by the health care accounting team at Clifton Larson Allen LLP. Health Care Reimbursement Director Kristin Baquero first became acquainted with Cassia (an affiliate of Augustana Care and Elim Care) while working on audits for the affiliates before they joined together.

Kristin knew she wanted to do something for Chapel View staff, and sent a note around to Clifton Larson Allen’s team members asking if they wanted to help buy lunch for Chapel View caregivers. Kristin was able to collect three times as much as she had planned for originally.

Administrator Paula Sparling was thrilled to see the lunches arrive at Chapel View. “It’s heartwarming to know people in our community support what we are doing,” she says. “All of our staff were very appreciative of the meal—and the food was great!”

While helping deliver lunches, Clifton Larson Allen Principal Matthew Wocken noticed “there was a lot of excitement in the building, with vaccines scheduled for the next day. That was pretty special and uplifting to see.”

Administrator Paula Sparling agrees. While the pandemic is not yet behind us, kindness, dedication and the support we give to each other continues to flourish in our communities. Just ask the people at Chapel View.